Delaware Seller’s Inspection

 colonial.01.jpgA Seller’s inspection will virtually eliminate all the hassles a buyers inspection causes:

  • No more re-negotiation.
  • No more deals that fall through when the home inspector finds a problem.
  • No more does the Seller have to deal with inflated cost estimates that costs him or her money.
  • No more will the agent spend countless hours and dollars in energy and advertising to get a contract that is “blown out of the water” by surprise defects.

Knowing what defects are present at the initial listing creates enormous benefits:

  • It will allow the agent and the Seller to discuss what items should be fixed and what should not.
  • It will substantiate your price, or may convince a Seller to rethink the asking price.
  • It will be full disclosure protection for the Seller and agent.
  • It will allow the Seller to shop around for the best price to repair (not an inflated price that a Buyer would use to make sure all is covered.
  • It streamlines the process.

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